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like a skyscraper...
17th-Aug-2010 10:26 pm
NJ [smile]

OH MY GOD!!! I'm so estatic right now because I can't believe what just happened! Let me tell you all the story:
You see, besides making graphics I also like video editing. Well, I decided to make a video of Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky. I'm sure you all know who she is. Anyway, I made the video because I really like Zac and Nikki together. I like them more than Zanessa. (Sorry ZV fans.) So, after I made the video I decided to send it to Nikki on Twitter. I didn't expect anything because I'm sure she's busy and all. But, a couple of hours after I sent it I checked my Twitter and she RESPONDED!!! I literally started freaking out! No wonder why I love that girl! :)

You can check out her response HERE
Check out the video HERE
27th-Aug-2010 09:44 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh!
That's adorable!
She seems so sweet. <3
And fab job on the video!
31st-Aug-2010 08:42 pm (UTC)
Thank You! :)
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